To my sister Jaja, for helping me build this site by not hogging the computer;

To Grassie, Mae, and Mers, for pressuring me to build this site so they can view my pics.;

To Ellis, for giving me an overview of flash files, and for being patient and nice enough not to laugh at my own sorry attempt in making a ridiculous moving circle;

To Mers, again, for bearing with my kakulitan especially on matters pertaining to computers;

To Glen, for being there especially when I need to stay awake for a long exam and by giving encouragements when I need them the most;.

To Christian, for being patient even though my questions are sometimes out of sync;

To Verna, for giving tips and criticisms to further improve this site;

To ^gucci^, an[2]nett, and the rest of the  #pinoy2000 chatters, for providing inspiration. You know who you are;

My sincerest thanks to all of you. WIthout you, this site would not be up and running. *muah*

I also would like to thank the following for my site add-ons:

, for my guest book.

Freeservers, for my old corkboard.

EZBoard, for my current corkboard.

Bravenet, for my counter.

Icolony and Tripod, for hosting my site.

, for my redirection.

Localendar, for my calendar.

, for my slumbook.


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