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          It’s quite amazing how the scent of coffee perks ones’ morning better than anything else on earth.  I remember how as a high school student, and until these grueling days of college, coffee even gives false alertness at early dawn and late at night

          The price and the role of coffee have both increased in the caffeine-ruled world of today.  Let’s take a look at the ever-popular café Starbucks.  I always wondered how the name came to be so.  Is it because they make coffee fit for the stars?  I think its more that their coffee is so expensive, that once you see the large number of bucks you have to pay, stars appear in your eyes!

           Sometimes I wonder how people can afford to buy their coffee.  And here I thought everyone is complaining at how our economy is failing and inflation is rocketing to the roof.  Well, if one sees the usual crowd of “Yuppies” and not so young professionals inside this particular establishment, you’d think these people always have money to spare.  Which makes me think: Why not spend their extra money in something more essential?

           I’m not saying drinking coffee is Starbucks is bad.  However, can’t the Filipino of today rely on good old Nescafe as our numerous ancestors have for decades? They not only come cheap, they guarantee you’d be insomniac for the rest of your life.


Note: Farrah is a senior political science student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. She's a classmate of mine and she has given her permission to post this article at my site.


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